Hudson, Continuing to Accelerate, Reaches 300 Voyages for the Year

In today’s challenging economic climate, firms are increasingly looking to Hudson for improved supply chain responsiveness and efficiency. Hudson has responded by rapidly escalating its operations to exceed customer requirements and surpass customer expectations. Thus it is with great pride that Hudson announces it completed its 300th voyage in early September of this year, a milestone that was not reached until November last year. And while Hudson operated an impressive 412 voyages in 2012, a substantial growth over 2011 numbers, this year Hudson looks to eclipse that benchmark in what is shaping up to be an industrious 2013.

Hudson’s ascendancy is reflective of its deepening relationship with its customers and contribution to their continued prosperity. Hudson is already looking to continue these trends through 2014, with innovative projects designed to provide proactive solutions to customer challenges and revolutionize preconceptions about what a supply chain management company can accomplish.