Hudson Partnership with Vinashin Lines Moving Foward

Below is an excerpt from Mr. Avi Eilon's speech, given at the signing ceremony this past May in Vietnam.

Dear Vinashin Group Leaders, Distinguised Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is my great pleasure to come here today to take part in the ShinHudson Shipping Lines Joint Stock Company signing ceremoney and I am honored to be addressing the most distinguished audience.

I would like to express my appreciation to the organizers of this ceremony for their thoughtful arrangements and thorough preparations which have made this meeting possible.

In an era in which the rapid advancement of technology and the acceleration of economic globalization are bringing nations closer together, making them more interconnected, cooperation for mutual benefit is an important and practical goal. A goal in which all participants can be winners.

Each company, Vinashin Lines, Hudson Shipping Lines, and Cuu Long, brings its own strengths and epxertise to the new company, ShinHudson, laying the groundwork for its success. This is an opportunity to share our vision and our experience to create opportunities for each company to maximize its investment.