Hudson Assists Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

As Hudson works to bring the world closer together through trade, it comes into contact with those who have suffered tragedy and hardship. Hudson developed the HUMAN Project to utilize its resources and knowledge to aid those in need.

The HUMAN Project’s greatest strength is its flexibility. In the past year the HUMAN Project has worked with both research institutions and individuals, on issues as diverse as cancer research and disaster relief. Hudson’s involvement has ranged from funding drive participation to rebuilding and recovery assistance. The beneficiaries have included both entire classes of people and individuals who have experienced severe hardship.

As an example, Hudson recently learned of the plight of two vessel crewmembers who had lost their homes when typhoon Haiyan devastated the Central Philippines. Through the HUMAN Project , Hudson was able to provide these men with the resources necessary to ensure that these men and their families were able to find shelter and begin to resume a normal life. In this way Hudson uses the HUMAN Project to directly affect the lives of people who help make Hudson great.

By utilizing an adaptive, targeted approach the HUMAN Project is able to make a difference in the lives of individuals while, at the same time, supporting the research and development projects which change entire paradigms. As this year progresses, Hudson will continue to identify areas where it can make a difference and act to realize changes for individuals and humanity as a whole.

If you wish to assist the HUMAN Project with their efforts, please contact your local Hudson office.

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