Hudson proud to support the South East Asian Games 2015 held in Singapore

Hudson's logo will be adorning the canopies of the 28th South East Asian Games held in Singapore from June 5-16, 2015. The games will feature 6 sports and over 400 events, including traditional Olympic sports such as archery and swimming as well as regional events such as wushu and silat. A fan favorite is sepak takraw, or kick volleyball, a dramatic sport native to Southeast Asia which features acrobatic bicycle kicks and precise technical footwork. These games are a fantastic opportunity to bring people from all over the world to observe the elite athletes of Southeast Asia and Hudson is proud to be a part of it.

Included are some photos of the Asian Men's Champion Qualifier which saw Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia qualify for the main event. Hudson wishes the best of luck to these qualifiers and all the competitors in the 2015 South East Asia Games! See you there!

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