Server & Security Update

HSL Announcement

Hudson Shipping Lines, Inc.

As many of you know, we took our website offline for a short while, during which we performed a good bit of maintenance. Well, all of the data has been migrated, new servers spun up, tests completed, and we are back online again. During our down time we took the opportunity to switch hosting providers, adding additional computing horsepower to surpass the demand that our site had been generating. Also during this time, we took a long, detailed look at the security of our site, opting to add Secure Socket Layer, or SSL, encryption so that we can deliver the peace of mind browsing experience to our users through the means of encrypted communication. Many future improvements are planned, as web based threats continue to evolve and exploit known browser plug-in vulnerabilities. These types of un-patched plug-ins increase the success rate of many drive-by downloads. Instead of relying on visitors, customers, or employees to regularly update their browsers, we have proactively invested in a centrally managed, browser agnostic, update mechanism for applications and plug-ins. We are also focusing on an important feature of any backup system is that it should be completely automated but, making sure will be useful, practical, and secure. Most of these items occur 'behind the scenes' so there should be no more interruptions of service or major changes to the individual user experience. Thanks for your patience during this time and we hope you enjoy our upcoming content.