Hudson focuses on product competitiveness in our operations and port services. We strive to put our CUSTOMERS FIRST, and foster customer success through our dedication, integrity and transparency.By leveraging our Blue Ocean, Brown Water, and Trucking expertise with Rail, highway logistics, and supply chain expertise, we provide our customers with an expansive operation that utilizes cutting edge technology platforms that interface with your global operations. Our corrective & preventive actions (CPA)© and operations processes are designed to ensure traceability and transparency to provide a unique supply chain platform that identifies opportunities for optimization thereby improving process flow and reducing costs. Continuous feedback from our global teams allows improvement of our internal processes to smoothly transport your product around the world.

We offer international and domestic shippers/buyers unique turn-key logistics solutions, that ensure the simplification of supply chain operations for our Customers and Consumers. We are digitizing the process to be more AGILE, EFFICIENT, & TRANSPARENT. Digitization allows for easier and quicker identification of trouble spots along the supply chain, enabling us to problem solve with real-time data. We are digitalizing the customer supply chain to provide them a powerful analytics platform with predictive modeling and pattern analysis. With analyzed data we can predict and solve the problems of the future.