A Note of Gratitude to Essential Workers

A Note Of Gratitude To Essential Workers

We are navigating uncharted waters. Worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has presented us with challenges we never imagined we would have to face. It has changed our day-to-day normal, distanced us from family and friends, and most certainly tested our resilience. For some of us, it has sadly taken the lives of loved ones. We hope that those facing such an unexpected and tremendous loss can find comfort and peace in these troubling times.

While the last several weeks have been difficult, not all hope has been lost. It is often in times of hardship that our true strength shines. The heroic efforts of front-line workers are a testament of this strength. Words are simply not adequate to express our gratitude to those who are putting their lives at risk to help others. To essential workers worldwide, please know that we are very thankful for your work and that your sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.

As a token of our appreciation to the essential workers employed aboard our vessels, we wanted to do something special. The coronavirus has made it nearly impossible for crew members to go ashore and visit with family and friends. Many crew members have had their contracts extended indefinitely and are unsure when they will be able to connect with their loved ones again. Hudson wanted to ease this burden and help those who work so hard every day. That is why we are now providing internet cards to crew members when possible. This allows them to video chat with family and friends while in port. We hope that this simple gesture helps during these challenging times.