Hudson Expresses Support for the EU’s Decarbonization Efforts

Charting the course towards decarbonization in the shipping sector has presented a great challenge. While the need for action to reduce shipping emissions is clear, the best path forward is not. The shipping industry has long debated what next steps should be taken, but little has actually been done to reach decarbonization goals. We must foster a greater need for change.

European Parliament’s rapporteur, Jutta Paulus recognizes this need. Paulus is the force behind recent revisions to the EU MRV Regulation. These revisions, including the addition of shipping emissions to the EU ETS, are likely to make considerable contributions to decarbonization in shipping. Hudson Shipping Lines finds these changes to be encouraging and fully stands by these efforts. Hudson has shared their support of these initiatives in a recent letter which can be read below.

   Ms. Paulus,

  Change is never easy. Over the last several years, this sentiment has held especially true for the shipping sector. As you are well aware, navigating the   uncharted waters of decarbonization has been a long, arduous journey. Efforts made towards reducing shipping emissions have been subject to heated   debates, green initiatives have been met with severe opposition and scientific studies to identify our next steps have often led to more questions than   answers.

  We both know that far better things lie ahead for shipping but convincing others to feel the same is quite the challenge. That is why we are inspired by   your courage and commitment to stand for change. We believe that the revisions you have made to the EU MRV Regulation will help make significant   strides towards decarbonization in shipping. We find it encouraging that carbon dioxide emissions from maritime transport will join the EU ETS. This will   hold shipping companies more accountable for their emissions and foster a greater need for change. We also ;think that the Ocean Fund is a great idea.   Financial support for eco-friendly endeavors in the shipping sector has been long awaited.

  Discussions regarding what a green future would look like in the shipping industry are rampant, but action, thus far, is in short supply. Here at Hudson   Shipping Lines, we have worked diligently to make our shipping operations sustainable. Clean & Green is our motto! We have positioned ourselves as an   environmentally conscious company through several green protocols. For example, we have a commitment to never use scrubbers and we have also   pledged to not ship goods through Arctic Ocean routes. We recognize, however, that more can and should be done. We, like many, are still hopeful that a   global emissions regulation will materialize in the future but, in the meantime, your plan shows great promise. Please know that we stand by your efforts   and share your dedication for creating a cleaner world.

  A.I. Eilon
  Chief Executive Officer
  Hudson Shipping Lines